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RABIES started on 7.12.1996: Syky - bass and voc., Koloděj - bass and voc., Šakal - guitar and voc., Kozel - drums and Emil - voc. This day we also recorded the zero demo "Meeting of shits!" in rehearsal room. Two weeks later we played first gig, there before the gig Emil left us. In Spring 1998 Kozel left. After short pause Emil returned and replaced Kozel. In Summer 1999 Emil left. So Koloděj commuted bass for drums. And Syky try drum any songs too. In the year 2001 came a new drummer Vosička and Koloděj play again on bass. In year 2002 we go (first visit) to studio, HellSound. Next two years we recorded again in studio HellSound. In the year 2006 came new member, girl singer, Eliška. Fourth visit studio HellSound was in year 2008. In the year 2010 Eliška left. Developing stage the RABIES come from noise... over grind/noise, grind/punk, power violence/crust/punk as late as to fastcore. So "noise" is forever with RABIES. Many years elepsed. In the year 2018 Koloděj left. And in same time comes back to us, El. Shortly after touring in SE Asia 2020, El goes on maternity leave.


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Members (2020):
Šakal - 6 thread, yell
Syky - 4 creaking wire, roar
Vosička - largely two brass plate
El - vocal

ex - Koloděj (5x wire - bass, previously singer, too)
ex - Emil (drums)
ex - Kozel (drums)
ex - El (vocal)
ex - Ondra (vocal - approximately one month, none concert, none records)