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RABIES: pohrdání klasickými muzikantskými postupy a poučkami

Actual shows

13.7. 2024 Týn nad Vltavou, Art Caffe Bar: Start: 15:00!!!! RABIES, JABLKO ZNETVOŘENÉ LIDSKÝM FAKTOREM, A5, PARAGRAF 2019, LUPUS


24.8. 2024 Přestavlky, More noise for life (22-24.8.): RABIES start 12:00!!!

30-31.8. 2024 Písty fest: info soon.

8.9. 2024 Písek, Smart klub: RABIES, VAZIO (Brazil), MEGELNYK, VIVAT JOE!

For organizers:
- we need lend
- we need lend bass box
- we need lend stands for cymbals, kick drum, chair...
- we need money on gas
- band will be play circa 15 - 20 min. music

!!! NOTICE !!!

Now out: split 12 "LP RABIES / GARAPAL in cooperation with several labels.

Small distribution of the vinyls, tapes and other merch on sale / trade:

1x split 12" shape S.U.S.U. / RABIES (2x extreme hardcore from CZ)


2x AL DAHAS - State of boredom 7" flexi (punk fastcore power violence from Qatar)


pictures (here) and videos (here) from RABIES gigs

22.6. 2024
Thanks for nice show at the Pallasit fest. We apologize for the absence of our girl singer. Unfortunately, the disease does not choose..

8.10. 2023
First part the tour with SKARNIO was excellent!!! Nice venues, big atmosphere!!! Thanks to all the organizers! SKARNIO..., OBRIGADO !!!.

27.8. 2023
Now is out NOISE MASTER #39. You can check on it noise master zine.

10.3. 2023
Brazil tour was amazing! Obrigado - Thanx for all.

24.12. 2022
Now is out NOISE MASTER #38. You can check on it noise master zine.

15.11. 2022
Karolina ex-BEHIND THE CEMETERY WALL, started singing with us.

2.2. 2022
Now is out split 12" RABIES / GARAPAL. Thanx for all.

1.1. 2022
Hi everybody! In year 2021: was released on Noise Master flexi 7" Qatar punk fastcore power violence band called AL DAHAS. Noise Master fanzine no.36 and no. 37. Ufff. Take a look at the section noise master rec. and noise master zine. Hard year.
The first show in 2022 (8.January) will be in Tábor city. RABIES / GARAPAL na 12"LP will be 5.1. 2022.
El (vocal) is still on maternity leave. Now he sings Syky.

30.5. 2021
Now is out NOISE MASTER zine # 36. Interview with Bilos, ORBAN, SKIPLIFE, label Dysphoricam Audio, Bob (Malaysia/Singapore, Michele (Italy). Report "Chmelovárek" by Siki about beer and trek report from GR 221 (Mallorca) by Líný Čuně. Bio: JUNKYARD LIPSTICK and ING (South Africa), FLYING WAR and UNDER ASSAULT (Paraguay) and SOASHYANT (Iran). 98 pages / A5.

29.1. 2021
Hello, we look for labels for cooperation. We prepare vinyl record!!!!

5.3. 2020
Big thanx for help.... Thanx: Singapore and Malaysia!!!

26.1. 2020
SE Asia tour 2020 coming soon. RABIES / CHRUP (Singapore, Malaysia). Thanx to Kimi, Parthiban and Hasib.
Preparing: double-sided t-shirts, split MC CHRUP / RABIES (CHRUP = 5 trax, RABIES = 34 trax and 1 bonus collaboration trax), 3" CDr with 10 new trax, 3" shape CDr with 4 new trax, small patch (new design) and 6 different pins.

17.3. 2019
Thanx HIROSHIMA NIGHTMARE for invitation at Třebín, was it perfect. All video from our noise attack you find (here) - including bonus songs with El on vocal.
Update section "noise master rec.": updated photo the RABIES boxu.
We are trying to arrange a few gigs in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

9.3. 2019
We have t-shirts, check section "records". Back patches - sold out.

20.2. 2019
New t-shirts soon. Patches still available.
We are working on new songs.

15.1. 2019
After 22 year left from RABIES, bass player Koloděj. Thanx for all years in undead noise.

28.12. 2018
v/a TÝNFEST: KOMPILACE VLTAVOTÝNSKÉHO ROCKU 2018 on CD (digipack) is out! More info in section "records"

28.9. 2018
Video from Grind and Mosh 3 (Dharan, Nepal) (here)
Video from Grind and Mosh 3 (Dharan, Nepal) (here)
Video from Grind and Mosh 3 (Dharan, Nepal) (here) RABIES from 28:42

14.9. 2018
We're trying to record some new songs for v/a CD Týnfest 2018

29.4. 2018
Last change... We will play only one show in Nepal... On Grind and Mosh v Dharam city / Nepal. We have 4 new design pins. So, one small patch with new design and we prepare new t-shirts.

7.7. 2017
He works hard on a smaller tour: Dubai + Nepal. Brothers in trick, ONANIZER continue to Bangladesh and India.

21.5. 2017
Soon, new information will be added to the RABIES boxes. After a long pause, a 7 " South America (3x band) vs. Czech (4x band) band.

7.12. 2016

22.10. 2016
The twentieth anniversary of the band, RABIES... Ltd. 5" lathe cut (20x na clear and 20x black). Check stream: Rabies youtube
Yes, now out pover violence from Prague, FLUMMOX. Ltd. clear 8" - lathe cut. 22pcs. Check stream: Flummox youtube

20.7. 2016
Hopefully soon be out of a separate limited edition 40pcs 5" of the RABIES.
Vinyl version of v/a compilation called POSLOUCHÁTE JIŽNÍ ČECHY, is still uncertain.

20.12. 2015
RABIES BOX has another bonus. Number 1 - 4 contains split 7" RABIES / KLUTZ. And number 1 additionally contains bottle port wine a.k.a. Terror Noise Division (0,7 liter).

8.12. 2015
Massive update past few numbers fanzine Noise Master. No graphics, only text (website find a few old numbers scanned). Check section "noise master zine".

30.11. 2015
Yeah, ohh. Added cut version NOISE MASTER ´zine #26, 27 (full version as xerox paper fanzine). Only Czech and still without graphic, only text. Check section "noise master zine".

13.11. 2015
Now is out split 7" RABIES / KLUTZ.... Check bandcamp...
Slow pace is going to separate lathe cut 5" RABIES.
Slow pace is going to separate v/a Posloucháte Jižní Čechy vol.4
Slow pace is going to two lathe cut - 8" formats

17.7. 2015
v/a POSLOUCHÁTE JIŽNÍ ČECHY vol.2 LP "de-luxe limit d.i.y. a.k.a. kinder/baby d.i.y. hand" Black vinyl 40 min. with GRIDE, PRESSBOIL, P.M.L.Z., DEZINFEKCE, RADIOLOKÁTOR, MURUROA, S.O.S. a DEN ZA DNEM.
Check section "noise master rec." for photos.

9.7. 2015
So, at the end of the holiday season will be the long-awaited split 7 "Rabies / Klutz on light noise. Ltd. 300 pieces. DIY package done. Wait and receive their copies to.

6.2. 2015
We have next page, check RABIES BANDCAMP

17.1. 2015
Maybe v/a POSLOUCHÁTE JIŽNÍ ČECHY will not 7", but 12", we´ll see... LOOKING LABELS!!!!!
Added Christmas ceramic ornament (RABIES foto alá RAMMONES) into RABIES BOX, #1

20.12. 2014
Filip, thanx for Týnfest 2014. With this fest we got to the CD mapping bands that were performing. All the bands are connected by some members of the town Tyn nad Vltavou. On the CD, each band after one song. A total of 16 bands. Namely, after consultation: RENTGEN, DESIRE FOR SORROW, RABIES, A5, CARPATHIA, GANG SAMA BOOGIE, MORAX, RAPE CORPSE, TEMNÁ VÝŠEŇ, TURANDOT, UNITED FRONT, VLNA, VOTOM, WITH, MONOTONIC STEREOTYPE, KAPYBARA.

3.9. 2014
We have again in distribution split 12" shape S.U.S.U. / RABIES. Trade are welcome!!!
v/a POSLOUCHÁTE JIŽNÍ ČECHY: bands are selected. Will now follow search labels!!!

25.8. 2014
Three songs from split 12" w/S.U.S.U. are on to the Costa Rican radio called Subsuleo S.A. Our songs and S.U.S.U. songs are from circa 26 minutes. Here is link on radio.

11.8. 2014
- So, we have come a visit to the studio. Again, we were in HELLSOUND. Uploaded 15 tracks and 9 minutes in the ass, haha. Part of the track will split 7 "with Klutz. Individuals who are interested in working together, please contact us. Recordings second part will appear in the next split 7". But it later.
- Mp3 section were added to two samples from studio
- preparing a new number for 28, NOISE MASTER'zine.
- v/a 7" POSLOUCHÁTE JIŽNÍ ČECHY vol.4 - looking labels for cooperation.

23.4. 2014
Added new lyrics..., up date section CD for sale,etc.

23.3. 2014
Now out...., new issue NOISE MASTER #27

16.3. 2014
- thanks to the good people to show up on a lot of concerts. We produce a lot of noise.
- During the summer, you probably find yourself in the studio shoot a few minutes of noise.

19.2. 2014
NOISE LATHE TERROR-RECORDS: one-sided 5" RABIES (not for sale - strictly limited - special box)

2.1. 2014
Up-date distribution: split 7" GRIDE / ABORTION and split 7" RABIES / ČAD and RABIES / DISTURBANCE PROJECT.

1.12. 2013
Added rewiews on split 7ep RABIES / CHULO and split LP RABIES / STAND UP SPEAK UP!. Check section reviews.

19.10. 2013
Added new items in distro list - MURUROA / BAIXO CALAO, BEHIND THE CEMETERY WALL / KAOSQUAD Both vinyl - LP.

31.5. 2013
Added new bonus into RABIES BOX #1,3 and 4.

6.1. 2013
Added new review on split 12" RABIES / STAND UP SPEAK UP! and update section noise master zine + added lyrics + up-date section noise master records and exit production. Plus added two songs from split 7" w/CHULO.

30.9. 2012
Added link on promo video (Split 7" RABIES / CHULO), up!
Coming new issue NOISE MASTER ´zine (numero 25) - only Czech language, interviews: CELLGRAFT (USA), CONTROLLED EXISTENCE (CZ), CHULO (Colombia) and CULTURE OF DEATH (CZ).

22.8. 2012
New stuffs in distrubution (vinyls) and update section "links", section "noise master rec." and section "exit prod.".

10.6. 2012
We have old song called Nikdy (+ intro) on v/a LP Pallasit. More info about LP you find on Pope´s ass Productions ( and here in section "records".

27.5. 2012
NOISE MASTER RECORDS / ZINE at Discogs link. EXIT PRODUCTIONS too link and of course RABIES too link

5.5. 2012
On this link you find promo video to split LP RABIES / S.U.S.U. Thanx a lot Poly!

18.4. 2012
On the 4th of April, 2012 from noisy depths arose split LP RABIES/STAND UP SPEAK UP! 12" in colour foggy design, shaped as a diamond grindstone, brings 15 new heavy grinding songs by RABIES and 7 black tower hardcore songs by S.U.S.U.! On 45 rpm you can look forward to an explosive sound. For fans of fast, grinding and power violence spinning styles and for fans of fast hard core attacks enriched with gorgeous female vocal and flute, grounded by heavy-duty slow vigorousness and strange aroma. Just remember this if you have to mix up one of the most extreme styles to unorthodox vinyl format with unorthodox interpretation of mentioned styles, you are at the right address. Noise doesn't end noise is transformed to a 12" shape vinyl. Hard core is about extremes, hard core is about knowing.

4.4. 2012
Today I received split RABIES / S.U.S.U. (barevný "haze" 12") It´s not classic vinyl! This split is shape!!! Please, you check web, soon more info!

21.1. 2012
Yeah, I received NOISE MASTER fanzine #24. Format A5, 76 pages, classic xerox. Interview w/ K.Z.O., KRAOST, B.T.C.W., MINERAL COLLAPS and TRASHEARTH. All bands from Czech. Review and reports...

21.10. 2011
Yeah, I received NOISE MASTER fanzine #23. Format A5, 72 pages, classic xerox. Interview w/ CONOPED (CZ), ŽMOLEK (CZ), OBACHA (Canada), GYMNASTIC SKULL WHISTLING (Malaysia)and WICKED SUFFER (Indonesia). Review and reports.... And story from -273,15/Zbyna.

17.9. 2011
...Added 4 new lyrics, (Stíny, Poznat sám sebe, Had and Válečník) in section "lyrics".
...Added two new songs from last session in studio Hellsound (10. - 11. 9. 2011). Songs: Válečník + Žijeme pouze pro úspěch.

16.9. 2011
...26 new songs recorded! On BZ profil ( are two new songs. Here will be same two songs later, in section called, mp3.
...15.9. 2011 I received Noise Master ´zine #22. Classic xerox obout 64 pages. Interview: KAOSQUAD, APPÄRATUS, STAND UP-SPEAK UP! and with Pavel Ď. obout Crush the silence records. Inside big public inquiry about reviews too... Reports from gigs and travel book from Thailand, by Siki. But still only Czech language!!!

4.9. 2011
10. - 11. 9. 2011 we will in Hellsound studio. Uahhh, noise still alive!

4.9. 2011

New RABIES video from Rock pod Hrází Fest (and songs: Pravda s otazníkem + Období klidu + Vzteklina + Skandál) here.

Added two new lyrics (Karneval a Bez naděje na naději) in section "lyrics".

Two our old songs (Po použití znehodnoťte a Degradace života) are on online v/a Slovakia and Czech hc/punk bands. v/a Eco Defense 9 download link here. Next info and more you find here.

Added new lyrics in section "lyrics". We prepare new songs for split LP with S.O.S. (Czech band). We will do record this year.

Short info about my trip across SE Asia and maybe any photos, you find here (only Czech) Start is 15.November 2010

From gig in club K2, České Budějovice, exist videos with two songs Hradba z iluzí a Prodané životy

Next videos of the RABIES. From Dresden 4.9. 2010. Videos are incomplete! RABIES_Pravda s otazníkem and RABIES_Prodané životy

>>>Now out: Punk-rock without borders pt.6 on CDr with RABIES..., check section records.
>>>Now out... version 2 of the RABIES BOX.... Added puzzle (RABIES live photo). Version 2 only for box number one.

Now out 21 issue NOISE MASTER zine. 120 pages format A5, ONLY CZECH!!! From contents: interview with INFECTED (Brazil), WHÖLE IN THE HEAD (U.K.), BARREL (CZ), EXORCIZPHOBIA (CZ), PROTEST UNDERGROUND NOISE KAOS (Portugal), FLAŠKA VISOČINI (CZ), RAPIDA MUERTE (CZ), ROTTEN BRATS (CZ), DISBEATLESS (CZ), ÜNFARKT (CZ), B.S.E. (CZ), BOB (CZ), BUT (CZ), POSLEDNÍ SLOVO (CZ), MIDCLASS CRISIS (CZ), FASTERATU (CZ), MARCH OF THE HORDES (CZ), CRIPPLE KORPS (CZ), SHAMBLES + FETISH PARADE (CZ) and ALEA IACTA EST (Slovakia). Next: review, report from Noise fest - Ljubljana, scene report from Yogyakarta (Indonesia), diary by -273,15ky from Cottonwod trail and bio bands as H.R.A. (USA), GOVERNMENT ALPHA (Japan), MERCILESS (Sweden), DAS KRILL (Germany), CHOKE COCOI (Philippines), THE NEOS (Canada), IMPERIUM (Marocco), THE WANKYS (U.K.), POST MORTEM (USA), SLAUGHTER (Canada) a MOTÖR MILITIA (Bahrain).

Link on video canal from Sykyho: SYKY: YOU TUBE VIDEO
Link on photo canal from Sykyho: SYKY: PHOTO
Link on photo canal from Mařenka: MAŘENKA: PHOTO

1. Check CD for sale, because a lot CDs is sold out....
2. Added next video, this time new song called "Fuck off". Video is from camp Rechle. And one by one..., here´s all video the RABIES.
RABIES_Fuck off
RABIES_Krátký, rychlý a hlasitý: YOU TUBE and RABIES_Prodané životy: YOU TUBE both from Sušice fest 2009. Shortened videos, sorry.
RABIES_Jsi shnilej + Není to tak těžký Písek, Pí club 30.10. 2009
Link on legendar gig from Uničov (THANX A LOT LUIS!): RABIES
Link on special gig from Lipanovice: RABIES_Jsi shnilej
Link on Garáž, 5.6. 2010: RABIES_Pusť si radši desku
Link on Stará Kovárna, Štoky near Jihlava 18.6. 2010: RABIES_Armageddon + Krátký, rychlý a hlasitý + Jsi shnilej + Slepota

On end of February Eliška left from us. But is big probability that she will sing any local show!!! DESTROY CONTINUES!!!

NOISE MASTER RECORDS - now out - 5 ltd. special wooden edition "RABIES box" for 13 anniversary. More about box you find in section noise master rec. And added new lyrics in section lyrics.

Arrive - section CD for sale!!!!

Next videos RABIES on You Tube from club Pí, Písek (30.10. 2009). Two songs called Jsi shnilej and Není to tak těžký. Here it´s: RABIES_Jsi shnilej + Není to tak těžký

On You tube - next two videos RABIES (two songs: Krátký, rychlý a hlasitý + Prodané životy) from Sušice fest, a little cut video, sorry: RABIES_Krátký...: YOU TUBE a RABIES_Prodané...: YOU TUBE

Now is out v/a LP POSLOUCHÁTE JIŽNÍ ČECHY 2. Bands from South Bohemia - area Prachatice, Český Krumlov and České Budějovice. As bonus area is Písek. New songs, circa 40 min. Black vinyl (315pcs with b/w cover) and colour (210pcs with colour cover). Bands: GRIDE, PRESSBOIL, RADIOLOKÁTOR, DEN ZA DNEM, DEZINFEKCE, P.M.L.Z., S.O.S. and MURUROA. Raw hardcore, crust, grindcore, hardcore/metal core.

Hey, new video RABIES you can check on you tube: RABIES: YOU TUBE

We have four RABIES buttons. Each button different motive. Buttons was made only 20pcs. You check here.

As ticket for Zittau show will be comp.LP. This comp.LP will be ltd.

Big updated all parts...!!!!

Now out v/a LP called POSLOUCHÁTE JIŽNÍ ČECHY, more info in section records. Price is 250 Czech crown / 10 Euro (only 3pcs ltd.)

>>>>Now we can again play live show!!!<<<<
>>>>Now out LP comp. called Play fast or don´t, with songs from us "Proč", "Není to hra", "Žiješ jenom jednou", "Změna" and cover from DROPDEAD "At the cost of an animal"<<<<

NOISE MASTER zine # 19 distribution: Project Prod. (, Rauha Turva Distribution (, Insane Society Rec. (, Hitchin to Revolution Rec. (

Now out 19 issue NOISE MASTER zine. From contents: interview with B.I.H. (Brazil), PRESSBOIL (Czech), HANTAMRATA (Indonesia), RUIDO PODRIDO (Spain), PREPARED TO KILL (Brazil), RAUHA TURVA Rec. (Czech), OBSESIF x KOMPULSIF (Indonesia) and POŽADOVANÝ STAV MYSLI (Czech). A lot reviews, live reports and biography bands as A.D.A. (Philippines), DEFECT (Makedonia), ACRASSICAUDA (Iraq), STANDFAST (Philippines), HIPPIE KILLER (Slovakia), MENTAL DEVELOPMENT (Makedonia) and EXECUTION OF TERROR (Philippines). Live report from Noise fest 2008 and tour reports HIBAKUSHA / DEPRESY MOUSE, RABIES / P.P.M.H. and DEPRESY MOUSE / RABIES. Only Czech!!!:

We will have one song on comp. CDr and tape, benefit for club Futra / Orlová city.

We are back in home... Tour with DEPRESY MOUSE was fucking cool !!! We have any buttons and patches of RABIES. Artwork is different. Price: buttons and patches 0,80,-€. Below is schedule tour...

27.4. Gunzburg (Germany)
28.4. Day off
29.4. Day off
30.4. San Sebastian (Spain)
1.5. Llodio (Spain)
2.5. Madrid / Mostoles (Spain)
3.5. Day off
4.5. Day off
5.5. Valencia (Spain)
6.5. Barcelona (Spain) - canceled
7.5. Montbrison (France)
8.5. Day off
9.5. Freiburg (Germany)
10.5. Weimar (Germany)
11.5. Leipzig (Germany)
12.5. Teplice (Czech)

Today it´s 10 years, who this noises band called RABIES, met for this purpose do noise - hurray, glory......

25.11. we played good show with new face in RABIES. New vocal / new singer-girl, her name is El.

>>>On web pages French label KAWAII you can download three MP3: Útěk z reality + Mimo dosah naděje and Poslední krok <<<
>>>We finish too groundwork for discography CDr or CD or tape, for Indonesian label called TERKUBUR HIDUP. And for discography CDr, for Australian label called SMELL THE STENCH.<<<

On web page ZNIČME BARIÉRY DIY CREW ORLOVÁ you find photos "not only" from our show, from 20.1.2006.

Check Swedish on-line zine ATTACK - there is an interview with Rabies in May issue. It is devoted mostly to Czech scene - Click here for more info. You can enjoy a lot of scene reports from all over the world, a lot of photos and so on.

Read Rabies reviews from czech and foreign press - here

Expression of thanks
- belongs on top to Jana /www/ for web pages and also to Martina Z., Venca Kutnar a Zbyňa (-273,15) for english translations.